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TRR Romance Madness Hop Jan 25-29!!!

The Romance Reviews


Join me this weekend for The Romance Reviews Blog Hop, as I talk about my books, post blurbs and one excerpt (see below), and discuss my writing projects for 2013. In the near future, I've got two more novels coming out by summer. So be looking forward to that.

Stop by this weekend and POST A COMMENT HERE IN RESPONSE TO THIS POST with YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and ENTER TO WIN one of 3 FREE EBOOKS! I will be giving away one copy each (ebook only) of A Wicked Encounter, Chasing the Dream Anthology - with my vampire story entitled The Soul Awakening, and finally Deal with the Devil, my latest release!


Don't miss out on any of the goodies!!! Hope to see you here!!! :D

The Romance Reviews Romance Madness Hop
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COVER ARTDwtD-FINAL-100x200-miniChasing_the_Dream100x200-miniA_Wicked_Encounter-SammyJo_Hunt100x200Love is Love cover.100x200-miniBroken Hearts & Candy Kisses-100x200-mini


MY FAVORITE BOOK by far is my newest release, Deal with the Devil!! I love the story premise and the gritty, intensely passionate erotic nature of both my characters. Its about an everyday guy who works as a stripper, who gets offered more than he bargains for from a famous singer, a man not to be messed with. What would you do if you were him? Take the money and run? Or stick around for true love...

Currently, Deal with the Devil released this week and is available on Amazon.com and other fine ebook retailers. Checkmate! will release Feb. 9th from Silver Publishing, a fun hot story about two men and a friendly game of Chess. In addition, even though there have been some personal challenges which put a couple of my latest novels on hold during 2012, I’m hard at work putting the finishing touches on those two books so they can be released in Spring and Summer of 2013, respectively.

Those novels include Murder, Most Likely, being co-written with sci-fi writer Derek Austin Johnson. It’s a dark, erotic thriller and murder mystery with a married couple at the center of the story. It’s male/female and ménage erotica, combined with a gritty murder mystery and elements of the BDSM lifestyle. Then there’s Haunted by Obsession, a male/male erotic romance, paranormal ghost story, and murder mystery based on a fictional murder that occurred more than one hundred years ago. I love this story, because I love a good old-fashioned ghost story.

I’m really excited about the forthcoming releases of both of these hot & sexy novels. I can’t wait to see how readers respond to them, and hopefully gobble them up! There’s definitely more stories coming from me this year in 2013 on the horizon. So be watching for those announcements in the near future.

BLURB - DEAL WITH THE DEVIL (Excerpt is posted below)
Derrick Delaney has been a high-class professional stripper for several years, rolling in money and living the good life. He entertains his choice of elite private patrons in the upstairs VIP lounge, and has his goals and dreams mapped out. Among those plans, taking time out to fall in love is not an option.

Then Scott Silver, a famous rock star, walks into the club and into his life one sultry, fateful night. Their not-so-chance meeting develops into an unquenchable obsession for both the exotic dancer and his musical benefactor. When Scott reveals his true agenda, Derrick’s feelings of anger and betrayal are not enough to make him turn his back on the singer. Come along for the ride as passion sizzles, sparks fly, and fireworks erupt when against his better judgment, Derrick is pressured into signing a Deal with the Devil.

Christopher Allwyne, Duke of Bellwood, stood to inherit a vast fortune. Still reeling from the loss of his parents and most recently, his Aunt Polly, the Duchess of Bellwood, the young noble found himself traveling in the dark of night to oversee Her Grace's funeral proceedings and to attend the reading of his aunt's will. Along the way, his carriage suffers a devastating accident, and a dark stranger comes to his aid and rescue. The Marquis Evan de Lombard, rich French nobleman, takes an instant interest in the handsome Christopher. Sharing a wicked encounter shortly after meeting, things look promising as love blooms between them. That is, until the Marquis reveals his true identity and purpose.

Once Christopher knows the truth, will he ever be able to forgive Evan and love him, despite the man's indiscretions? Torn apart by dishonesty, can love win out over betrayal and rise to the occasion, reuniting them for a lifetime of happiness? The cost for true love could be a price neither one is willing to pay.

Chasing the dream...something every one of us aspires to. But every dream is different for each individual. Some crave love, fame, or immortality. And for still others, they desire power and riches, and all that comes with it.

In this anthology, share in the vivid imaginations of five bestselling authors who are masters of the genre, each writing steamy, hot passionate stories of men loving men, men sharing their bodies, who hope to attain their own secret desires.

Come along for the sensual journey that awaits you, and get lost in this collection of must-have gay erotica. Let these stories steal you away to another world where hot men share their deepest hopes and fantasies with you, while they’re Chasing the Dream.

While on promotional tour across Europe, Michael Nolan's rental car encounters engine trouble and leaves him stranded in the dead of night. The offer of help from a tall dark stranger sets him upon a life-altering course of events. It could lead to love…but more likely, his own private hell.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Love does not conform to any one narrow definition. Love between two men is as poignant and true as love between a man and a woman. Love is love.

Well-known news anchor Clint Watson must keep a low profile about his alternate sexuality. But one sultry, warm summer afternoon over a game of chess, he finds more than just pleasure in the arms of a hot younger man.

Left alone and desolate the day before Valentine's Day, Kevin's bad luck at love has just struck again. Deserted at the boarding gate by the man he thought was his lifetime partner, his struggling self-esteem takes a low blow for the worst. Overcome by grief in the unlikeliest of places, his moment of tears and sadness is interrupted by “Mr. Tall, Dark & Handsome.”

Consumed by sudden passion born of desperation and desire, his chance meeting with the intriguing man breathes hope into his shattered dreams. Seared inside and out by the heat of his lover’s haunting blue eyes, their hot one-night stand could be the true love he’s searched a lifetime for. Or he may be destined to live an empty life without the one thing his heart desires. Only time will tell, in Broken Hearts & Candy Kisses.

A series of high-profile criminal heists leads handsome insurance investigator Philip Templeton to Los Angeles…and straight into the life of Henriette Bergstrom, daughter and only heir of diamond broker Max Bergstrom. Rich, beautiful, yet spoiled, and chief legal representative of Bergstrom’s Jewelers, Henriette must partner with Philip to investigate the crimes before a settlement can be paid. Despite the love that blooms unbidden, and the passion which flares between them, the enticing brunette may have a secret or two of her own to hide.

Thrown into an underground world of BDSM, sexual fetishism, and an erotic web of lies and deceit so great that even the legendary Holmes, himself, might have lost his footing, Philip must navigate the waters of love and treachery with his new colleague. But in the process, will Henriette steal more than Philip’s heart? And will it culminate in two lovers finding their own happily-ever-after ending? Or will it wind up being Murder, Most Likely…

Aaron Michaels and Kurt Freeman-Michaels are musical celebrities. An openly gay couple living their dreams, the boys just celebrated their first year of wedded bliss. Feeling the need to escape and spend some time alone for a change, Aaron and Kurt take an impromptu trip up the coast of California. While they're away, the pair happens upon an elegant Victorian mansion that draws them both in. After falling in love with the property, an unexpected turn of events occurs which makes it possible for them to buy the house and fulfill their dream of owning a home.

Gordon Inn has stood magnificent beside the ocean for the past 127 years, yet the house hides a dark secret within its walls. Rumors of an illicit affair and a century-old murder color the Inn's unique and troubled past.
Aaron and Kurt quickly learn there's more to the history of Gordon Inn than meets the eye. But many questions remain. Will their lives be torn apart before they find the answers they seek? Who will come to their aid when they're left alone inside the solitude of their ancient mansion? And, will the boys be able to solve the mystery before any more lives are lost?

* * * * *

Scott’s behavior mystified Derrick. He acted as though they were on a date instead of him being a paid escort. He shook his head, a small smile curving his mouth. Perhaps the man was telling him the truth, and he really didn’t expect anything else in return for his money. This had to be a first for Derrick. No one had ever just paid to meet and talk to him.

He raised wide, questioning eyes to Scott. “Yeah, you can kiss me,” he murmured, waiting, his lips parting slightly in invitation.

Scott paused, watching Derrick’s eyes for a few seconds before leaning in to bring their lips together. It was soft and hesitant, not at all what Derrick was expecting. It sent a myriad of hot shivers coursing through him. Their kiss lingered for a moment longer before Scott pulled away, leaving his heart racing like a schoolboy.

“Can I see you?” Scott asked, eyes dropping to the growing tent in Derrick’s jeans. Raking his fingers across Derrick’s crotch and scratching at the zipper, Scott indicated what he wanted without force or demand. It made all the electricity in Derrick’s body start sending hot jolts of electricity straight to his cock.

Breath quickening ever faster, Derrick fumbled with his zipper, suddenly feeling like a fifteen year-old kid on his first date. Those arctic blue eyes held him prisoner, fingers shaking as he undid the top button and slid the zipper down. Opening his jeans to reveal white briefs, he ran his hand over his hard-on, palming himself, then reached out and took Scott’s hand. Bringing it to him, he placed it warmly on top of his cock, cupping him through his underwear.

Together, they eased the elastic waistband down to reveal his throbbing shaft. Derrick watched as Scott’s eyes went dark with want. The man was unlike any he’d ever met before. It terrified him, sending off more alarms; but then, desire was there, too. Desire like Derrick hadn’t felt in a very long time for anyone . . . maybe never . . . surged rapidly through his body. He sucked in a tight breath as long fingers gently caressed him, thumb rubbing the underside of the head and down the large vein that pulsed beneath the skin. It sent more chills rushing through his body, this slow death by fire from Scott Silver’s touch.

He watched, fascinated, as Scott’s fingers moved up and down the rigid shaft, stroking hot, velvet skin, teasing and driving him wild. Normally, clients wanted Derrick to pleasure them, not the other way around. He didn’t know what to make of this guy. But he wanted more.

“I want to suck you off. Can I?” Scott purred sensually, voice vibrating with desire. Derrick nodded mindlessly, watching as his ebony head bowed low and soft pink lips opened wide to take him inside. Enveloped in that warm mouth, for the first time in forever, Derrick knew he was in trouble.

“Oh, fuck,” he breathed. Defenses suddenly down, Derrick’s breath caught in his throat, surprised at just how good it felt to be touched by this man. He was losing his sense of control over their private party, a critical error in judgment.

Head falling back against the couch, he closed his eyes and wallowed in the sensations of being blown, expert lips and tongue giving him intense pleasure. He felt Scott go all the way down on him, nosing his groin, inhaling his scent, fingers snaking between his thighs to fondle his balls. Then a tender finger was pushing inside his ass, curling tightly and hitting against that spot that stole the air from his lungs, causing his hips to thrust up for more.

A few more seconds of that talented mouth working his cock, a long finger up his ass, and Derrick was groaning and coming in a heated rush, pumping his load down Scott’s throat. Hips jerking, cock stuttering to empty itself of every last drop of cum, and Derrick was breathless, drained of all energy. When Scott pulled off, it was with a lazy lick over the top of his slit, tongue digging into the tiny opening to tease, tickle, and suck him clean.

“You’re delicious,” he commented softly, voice low and gravelly as he met Derrick’s totally lust-blown eyes. Derrick stared back, trying to focus on that beautiful face, those intense blue orbs did fucking things to his insides. “That was amazing,” he whispered, uncertain, guard fucking blown along with his reserves.

* * * * *
Buy Links for Deal with the Devil:
Barnes & Noble.com

About the Author:
SammyJo Hunt is female, age 44, and has made northern Utah her home for almost twenty years. She has not married and is owned by her pet tabby cat Bug. She is currently attending graduate school pursuing a Master's Degree in Human Services and Counseling. SammyJo has a Bachelors Degree in Social Work, and serves families, children, teens, and the LGBTQ communities.

She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with friends and loved ones. Ms. Hunt loves hot sexy boys and steamy heroes, along with the challenge of spinning a good tale. Happily-ever-after stories are a great source of her inspiration. She enjoys making her readers fall in love with her characters, and nothing gives her more personal satisfaction than knowing her stories inspire true love and happiness for those who read and enjoy them.

Also by SammyJo Hunt:
A Wicked Encounter
The Soul Awakening - part of Chasing the Dream Anthology
Checkmate! - part of “Silver Presents…Love is Love Anthology”-Coming Feb. 9th & available now for Pre-Order
Broken Hearts & Candy Kisses

And Coming This Year in 2013:
Murder, Most Likely – Available this Spring
Haunted by Obsession – Releasing Summer 2013

Connect with the Author:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SammyJoHunt
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SammyJo_Hunt
Blog: http://sammyjohunt.livejournal.com/
Email: sjhuntwrites@gmail.com



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Jan. 25th, 2013 01:31 pm (UTC)
New authors!
I always like these blog hops as I usually find new authors to me - and here we are!! Will look out for your books

Littlesuze at hotmail dot com
Jan. 25th, 2013 02:00 pm (UTC)
Re: New authors!
Thanks for stopping by Suze! Great to meet you. And yes, this is the first of these I've participated in. So I'm excited to meet new people and introduce them to my stories!

Thanks for commenting and you're entered to win one of my 3 free ebooks!!! Winners will be emailed after the end of the Hop.

Take care and Happy Friday!
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Why is it that I've forgotten how much you've actually written - and gotten published??? You are an awesome write and always have been!!!! Hope to see more from you soon =3

Jan. 25th, 2013 07:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you sweetie!!! I'm so pleased you could visit my blog. Yes...I've written a lot! And I'm working on new stuff not related to anything I've written before! That's what Murder, Most Likely is...totally new and darker than anything I've written before. Hope you'll check it out once the book is finished.

Huggles back!!!
Have a great Friday!
SammyJo xoxo
Jan. 27th, 2013 08:06 pm (UTC)
I totally win
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Best of both worlds!!! LOL <333
Jan. 25th, 2013 04:15 pm (UTC)
A Wicked Encounter
A Wicked Encounter sounds great. It looks like a fantastic read. Plus the cover looks hot! lol
Jan. 25th, 2013 07:13 pm (UTC)
Re: A Wicked Encounter

Thanks for stopping by! It is a fun read. And actually, I was very involved in the making of my cover for that book, along with picking out the models used on the cover. I agree...it was very well done! And by one of the best, Ms. Reese Dante from Silver Publishing. She does great work!

Glad you could make it here! You're entered to win one of my 3 ebook giveaways!

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i just bought Deal With the Devil & i love it so far. i think it deserves all the stars, always

Jan. 25th, 2013 09:59 pm (UTC)
Hi Casey!

Thanks so much for getting my book. I'm glad you're loving the story. Its a fun one! Thank you for your awesome remarks. If you find its a great book and still feel that way about it at the end...I'd be so grateful if you'd leave me a short review on the site where you purchased your copy. Glowing reviews help promote our work!

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Great excerpts
Wow, thanks for the blurbs and excerpts: all sound like great reads!!

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Jan. 26th, 2013 02:13 am (UTC)
Re: Great excerpts
Hi and thanks for stopping by!

My stories are all romantic at heart and a little mushy at times, even when the story is fairly intense. All except my new novel, Murder, Most Likely. Can't wait for that one to be finished! But I do enjoy a good, well written romance. And I can always promise you that. Hope you'll check out my books.

Glad you enjoyed the post and you're entered to win one of 3 free ebooks. Winners will be announced after the Hop concludes on Tuesday.

Best of luck and have a great weekend!
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I love blog hops. I get to meet new authors and visit old friends. You are a new author for me and I like the blurbs and excerpt for your books. Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.

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Hi Renee:

Thanks so much for participating! Its great to meet new readers. Glad you liked the excerpt etc and enjoyed what my stories offer. Hope you'll check them out.

But I do enjoy a good, well written romance. And I can always promise you that. Hope you'll check out my books.

You're entered to win one of my 3 free ebooks. Winners will be announced after the Hop concludes on Tuesday.

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Love the blurbs! Added you to my TBR list! Happy Hopping!

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Hello Shayna:

Great to meet you and pleased you enjoyed my story blurbs. Please check out my books. I think you'll like them.

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Thanks for the giveaway!
Thanks for the giveaway!

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You're quite welcome! Thank you for stopping by to visit. You're entered to win one of my ebooks. Winners will be announced after the end of the Hop which is next Tues.

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In the middle of Deal With The Devil, and you know I loved A Wicked Encounter... You're an excellent writer!

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Aww...thanks so much Jen! I adore you!

Thank you for stopping by. You're entered to win one of the 3 free ebooks I'll be giving away after the end of the Hop on Tues next week.

I so appreciate your continued encouragement!

Sam xoxo
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Love the excerpts!!!
Looks like I have some books to check into :)

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Ellen Thompson

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I love the blog hops, these books sound great; on my TBR list, it growing by leaps and bounds. So many great books on the hop
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Blog Hop
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Finding many new authors and their books.
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